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Pull My Daisy
Pull my daisy, won’t you pull my daisy
Come on pull my daisy, let my long hair down
Through the hazy days of summer, lazy days of winter
Honey let my long hair down
Who’s gonna shoe my pretty little feet
Who’s gonna glove my hand
Now my daddy’s gone away from me
Who’s gonna be my man?
Pull my daisy…
You know the thing about a girl like me
I won’t stay lonesome long
Not with all that I’ve go going on
Stuff so good, make a dead man
Wanna pull my daisy…
I know you know I may not always be
the truest blue you’ve ever seen
But no one sends me like you do
I always seem to end up next to you

In Lieu of Flowers
June is holding a smoking gun over the dying breath of May
It’s a piss yellow moon and I’ve been crying wolf
And I’ve got the feeling I should have never left home tonight
I’m gonna leave a good looking corpse when I die so young
So pretty and so fine
Like a shiny penny on the railroad track
kissing the wheels of the 4:05
The taste in my mouth is bittersweet
Just like that every night moment crossing your street
Diamond studded pavement passing under my feet
Like roses from old lovers
This ain’t my first rodeo, Cowboy
But tryin’ to rid myself of you
Is like trying ot take the whiskey back out of my drink
You’ve got me so tied up I just don’t know what to think
You can knock at my door and I will answer
But keep your coat, you won’t be staying long
You’re no the first to do me oh, so wrong
And I’m gonna build my chimney higher
To keep you old tomcats from puttin’ out my fire

Let’s Stay In Bed All Day
You’ve got your coffee and your robe, and you poke your little nose
Out from behind the paper, I can hear what you’ll say
Let’s stay in bed all day
We’ll let the worries of the world just be the worries of the world
There ain’t no room for them here I say
Let’s stay in bed all day
We’ve got some catching up to do
Errands, bills, and laundry too
But I’m sure they won’t go away
If we stay in bed all day
Lock the doors and pull the blinds
We’ve got nothing else but time
Ignore the rest of it come what may
Let’s stay in bed all day

Keep Me Company
I’ve got a Chevy with a bench seat So you can
slide on over, slide on over, slide on over,
Chevy with a bench so you can keep me company
I’ve got the blues something awful got me
Cryin’ rivers, cryin’ rivers, cryin’ rivers
Got nobody to love me, come & keep me company
She’s got a sweet lovin’ daddy I’m so
Fine & handsome, fine & handsome, fine & ….
Got a sweet lovin’ daddy, used to belong to me
I’ve got coffee in the mornin’ made with
Cream & sugar, cream & sugar, cream & sugar
Got everything I want except for your sweet company
I’ve got brandy in the evenin’ smokin’
Pipe & tobacco, pipe & tobacco, pipe & tobacco
Got everything I want except for your sweet company

Me & My Boots
I could drop a nickel of my time on you
besides, Wisdom isn’t finding me tonight
There’s a ring around the moon
And the sky floods northern lights
And it’s just me and my boots tonight
And no one knew the key I was in, ‘cept the horn player
And he always gets it right
I was plucked from somebody’s wishing well
And spent on a young man’s folly
It was all a dream in neon until
She made him laugh, C’est la vie
And I was wondering at the living
And I was dreamin’ about the dead
But I never leave ’til I know where I’m going
And that’s a hell of a lot easier when every man turns my head

Dixieland Lullaby
Take me anywhere but here, lonesome train
Every brick in the street has a sad song to sing
And it’s bringin’ me down So won’t you bring me around
Grass must be greener, anywhere but here
Streets must be cleaner, anywhere but here
Costumes of the lovers we could have been
Guises that will never fit again
Call me home, you silly girl
I’ll buy the dress in the shop window that always makes you smile
And I will dance with you tonight if I can only set things right
It took miles to find the yellowed note
Hid in the breast pocket of my overcoat
from a love that once was new
words that pierced me through
By the time I read it was already too late
But I guess that’s how you meant it it,
and you’re not gonna wait
Take me anywhere but here, lonesome train

I Still Want You
Put down that drink, come over here
Since you left, baby, it’s been so many years
It’s all in the past, I’ve cried all those tears
And I still want you
Since the day I left you behind
I’ve missed you so badly, wanted you to be mine
I’ve been a fool, but I will be true
And I still want you
You be the wax and I’ll be the wick
We’ll burn together down the candlestick
I guess you should know the embers still glow
And I still want you
People in pairs crowding the stairs
As one-by-ones become two-by-twos
There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do
I still want you

Good Weather
You must have brought this good weather
And I hope you want to be together
So I find myself standing outside your door
Let’s make this our first kiss
Because I can’t think of any better way
To spend my days than making love to you
You must have brought this good weather
And I hope you want to stay together
So I find I’m standing just outside your door

Hey mister, wanna hear my story
About a heart I never won
I am waiting in this smoky depot bar
on a train I know is never gonna come
Nobody wants to play the begger, nobody wants to play the fool
But sure enough I bought that ticket
And now it’s hell that I’m traveling through
This river’s full of blood and whiskey
And salty tears all streming down
Sometimes I think I’ll take a notion
To jump in the river and drown
This town is full of spite and venom
Her heart is full of yellow pride
But I can’t say I’m any better
I’m gonna love her till the day I die

As I was passing, he pulled his jacket back to peddle me his wares
And I’ll admit I was a little tempted
That’s when he gave me that icy stare
Magic Man, walking over shards of broken promises
My Nostradaus, Magic Man, if I can’t escape him
I guess I’ll have to make him my own
Sulfur & Iron & just the words to turn his black heart into gold
I’ve got the fever in my blood now
His gypsy smile, well it owns my soul
Magic Man, I’m just a cue ball he’s gonna point and shoot
Magic Man, ever since I met him
I’ve been walking in a dead girl’s shoes
It burns the tip of my tongue as I say it
It scatters my ashes to the wind as I pray it
It steals like a thief in the night as I’m sleeping
It cuts like a knife as I lie in bed dreaming

Molotov Cocktail
Our saviors must be in a drunken row
& they’re kickin’ up mischief in the clouds
but you’re a molotov cocktail
smashing through the window of my heart
come on baby, burn me to the ground
You ring my bell and go running for the hills
The flesh is weak but the spirit wills
We were sitting in the hearth
& the fire burned so hot
We couldn’t tell our fear from our thrill
Gin never tastes so good
As when I am in this mood
and I wanna get stirred, not shaken
It’s only then my joints stop achin’
Everything burns that is not stone
When all the smoke clears off
I’ll patch up the shingles of the roof
to keep the angels out
But you can poke your umbrella through
the gaping hole of my want

Some Fine Day
I don’t even need to try it on for size, Already know that it’s gonna fit just right
And I could take my time with this, It’s your nonverbals that I really dig
I want to sit in your shade, I’ve got a heart for you
Neon light pools in the hollows of your collarbone
Pulls my mind off of what I’ve been trying to be
It ain’t no good what you do to me
You could never lead my band and I don’t need you to be happy
But baby, you still feel so good and I’ve been wishing that we could
And if you would then we should,  Some fine day…

Smile at Perfect Strangers
There’s just something about you, something so innocent/dangerous,
I’ve never been one for subtlety, you’ve never been one to say to no to me
when you accidentally called me baby, what a perfectly lovely mistake to make my day…
Sew me into the seams of your jeans, Blow me a kiss on the wind
Keep the sound of my voice in your ears ‘til I see you again
You could talk to me all night long, talk about anything you want
go ahead, lie to me, just don’t be shy to me
I’m dripping like honey from your jar, ring through the sticky air
Like the strings of your guitar, those things are gonna melt my heart
You make your rounds of hellos & smile at perfect strangers
But you’ll make your way to me, and I know you’ll stay with me
Your smile is soft and warm, like it’s just fresh from the dryer
I’ll wrap it all around me and fall as softly to sleep

I’m Not Going To Kiss You
I’m not going to kiss you
I don’t want to risk that kind of hurt
I wouldn’t want to break her little heart
I think she loves you
I can only smile
When I feel you walk into a room
Beneath my breath I hum a little tune
But I’m not going to kiss you
I’m not going to cry
Any time we have to say goodbye
I’m not going to let my worried mind
Get the best of me
If you spent the night
Heaven’s grace might fill my soul with light
But honey we’d both know it wasn’t right
And I’m not going to miss you
I’m not going to kiss you
I don’t want to risk that kind of hurt
I couldn’t bear another broken heart
Cause you know I love you

Sweet & Low Down Blues
This is the sweet and low down of it, Losing it all feels like nothing
When you’ve got nothing left to lose, except those Sweet & Low Down Blues
The lip of your hat pouts like a child being cute to try to get his way
And I keep doing shots of you so I can feel you coursing
Through my veins, Flood it all away like a big rain
Falls from my shoulders in freckles and sweat and pain from the burn of the sun
Pops and crackles like a phonograph record one too many times spun
Aren’t you the quiet one, aren’t you having any fun?
I try to divine a version of the truth that you can believe for tonight
And I’m getting so good at it I’ve nearly convinced myself
This water is wine, or that you could be mine
I hang like a suit that has been fitted to too many men, Let out and hemmed in
I’m prowling through alleys of discarded reasons you should care
Till I throw my hands up in the air, Such a pretty despair

Little Angel
There’s a little angel and he’s sitting all alone
And his heart will be broken by the time the morning comes
Because there’s a little devil and he’s speaking in my ear
Says the road again is calling and soon I’ll be leaving here
And I hope that he’ll forgive me when I start to lose my way
And know that I’ll be back tomorrow if I don’t get back today
But I hear him on the radio in every song they play
And I’ll write him a little ballad and I’ll play it every night
To remind me of the lovin’ that makes everything alright

You Ain’t Gonna
You ain’t gonna give me what I want no matter how I beg
You ain’t gonna lead me down a path
You ain’t gonna hear my plea
And you keep singing down to me
And I’m supposed to let that be
You ain’t gonna take me by the hand
Should I stumble, should I fall
You ain’t gonna try and be my man
You ain’t gonna humor me at all
But you keep smiling back at me
And I’m supposed to let that be
You ain’t gonna drop my name
When the other come calling
But it ain’t no scuff on my shoes
‘Cause, baby, you’re gonna love before this is through
And you keep singing down at me
You don’t seem to want to let this be

White Flag
So I’m going to get drunk and kiss anyone I can
just to fill up all the empty left inside me from that man
gonna bust up my knees and somebody else’s heart
make you wonder why you waste your time
trying to turn me right
Well, the scene can go to hell & i guess it’s just as well
That you’re so far away tonight
Cause I’m gonna ride these handlebars
even tho he’s drunk as hell
where we’re gonna end up i doubt god could even tell
think he gave up trying to turn me right
i guess it’s easy where you stand
to say i never loved a man
and you would probably be right
but the only time i’ve ever seem a white flag fly
is at the end of somebody else’s fight
trying to turn me right
i’ll be damned if i just touch
and i’ll be damned if i just look
and i’ll be damned if i let him get away with all he took
my heart is a bomb damn near ready to explode
too deep beneath my ribs to be disarmed
and it’s ticking
3… 2..

Bossanova Blues
Tonight the blues are catching me just like the gutter catches rain
And I’ve heard for every pleasure there must be an equal pain
Your heart’s an anvil and I’m sinking fast
Trying to hold onto it trying to make it last
Your voice is the judge and jury of my sincerity
But I’m still not the protagonist I never claimed to be
One look at you is like trading my shovel for a spoon
Looking up helpless at this mountain I must move
Spit me out like a broken tooth, gushing warm blood on your gums
Lick your lips and the taste of your miss like a razor on your tongue
Tell me how did you want it how did you think that it would be?
Rumour on the street is that your shiny new gal
Looks/sings a hell of a lot like me
If you think I’ve come here to allay your fears
Let me make this one thing unquestionably clear
If I knew the ending before I saw it done
I’d blow all your faithless beauty off to kingdom come

Old Guitar
I heard you strum your old guitar
And it made my poor heart wander
And I heard you sing your little song
And the words became the spell I was under
You moved through the room with care
Until you were seated in my adjacent chair
And my heart stopped until you broke your stare
And I thought my sinful soul had gone to heaven
I heard you strum your old guitar
And I wanted to be those strings
And I heard you sing about desire
And I wanted to be every one of those things
And I knew that you were trouble but I couldn’t run away
And I knew… but I liked the way you played
And I knew… but I had to have you
Oir sonar tu vieja guitarra
Y me hizo lagrimear
Te escucha cantar esa pequena cancion
Y las palabras que dijistes me hizo desvenecer
Ch: Pero sabia eso era un problema
Y yo comenze a correr
Pero me gustates do todas maneras
Me gusta el estilo que tienes
Quisiera que te quedes
To mueves por el cuarto con cuidado
Te sentastes junto ami
Y mi corazon sa detuvo, cuando se rompio el silencio
Y me senti desvenecer, rumbo al cielo
Oir sonar tu vieja guitarra
Pero yo quisiera ser esas cuerdas
Te escuche cantar acerca de eso
Y yo quisiero ser esos pensamientos
Fais de Beaux Reves
I’ll sing you a long distance love song, my sweet
And I’ll drink another cup of coffee
So I can linger over your last letter a little longer
And read those words that made my lone soul smile
You uncage the bird of my heart and it flies, my sweet
And the breaking sunlight doesn’t melt its waxy wings
And I will linger over that old tune a little longer
So I can hear that voice that always sets my soul at ease
Sing to me a song, my love
Tell me all your dreams in kisses on the breeze
Sing to me a song, my love, and
Fais de beaux rêves
Tomorrow may bring news of you to me, my sweet
I know until then I must find a way to content myself
So I’ll linger over the last words that you spoke
And dream of the heat of your breath as you said them to me

The Night We Fell In Love
Will you remember how I smiled
Will you remember how we walked for miles
Will you remember that one fateful kiss
The night we fell in love
When the rains come and people close their shutters
And the stormclouds seem to hang right above us
Will you remember when you are soaking wet
The night we fell in love
Will you still be tender when
Your hands know me better than your own homeland
Will you remember how you held me then
The night we fell in love

Sages Speak
He was perfect and still the man died
First human life was taken in a jealous rage
In a story read to children
by the elders and the sage
Life’s too hard outside the garden
But we’ve got them to pin it on
Ain’t us who started sin,
it was them that did us in
But love in any shape is love
Can we forgive this life that kills us,
Isn’t it innocent?
Sages speak, Before I cross that river
Sages speak, Before the whistle blows
Sages speak, Before the cold of winter
Takes another sister, Sages speak

I’m gonna cook you up a sauce you won’t forget
You’re gonna smoke me down like your cigarette
And the streetlights gonna show me all I need to know
To find my way to rapture
My chest caves with the sway of your beat
Shoulders falling back from the booze and heat
And the stops and starts reflect my heart
In the motion of you
Baby, say it isn’t so that you just keep me around for show
I wanna wear you like an old tattoo
I don’t ask much, just your constant touch

Saratoga Rain
Saratoga Rain runs through the channels of the corrugated roof
under which I am sleeping tonight The occasional thunderclap
that nearly wakes me up & I feel the warmth of your body with mine
For all the love affairs gone south the gutters where I’ve found myself,
There’s not a thing I’d change, that led me to you
I hear the soft sound of you breathing next to me and I
Know I’m happy as I’ll ever be  right now
Saratoga Rain comes down makes Potholes into silver lakes
Clears away the soot from this old mill town
Drowns the muddy yesterdays & regrets that just won’t go away
Makes me clean again as it’s coming down

Bacon & eggs on my plate in the morning
Martinis and cigarettes late at night
There’s neon light and drunken fights at the cabaret downtown
Girls who’ll do anything for a dime
Guys who’ll pay everything for a good time
Me, I just show up and sing my lines at the cabaret downtown
Candlelight dances in lovers’ eyes
Plenty of paramours, very few wives
If you don’t ask my I won’t have to lie at the cabaret downtown
Bright lights of NY aren’t very far
And I can fit all I own into my car
But I like it just fine here I’m the shining star at the cabaret downtown
Dance with me Rosalita, you know when I loved you
I was still so innocent
Sing with me Rosalita, you know if you wanted
You could bring it all back tonight
Thoughts of you still conjure breezes blowing thru my long red hair
It’s not that far to wander back to the easy life we lived back then
Dance with me…
Sometimes I still wonder when I hear one of those old refrains
Whatever became of you and if any of your love for me remains

Mehitabel at the River Lethe
There’s a dance in the old dame yet, I said
Asked the street corner man for a light
No, man, I don’t want nothin’ else tonight
I can sing the blues, But I got to make my own way through the night
Only thing we’ve got in common is this bottle of gin
‘Cept you’re looking out and I’m looking in
And I’m seeing my reflection in your heart of gold
And I’m counting off your freckles like the lies I’ve told
You drive a hard bargain, there’s some good things coming my way
And I can be happy if I want to be
But I’m only as clean as the last time it rained
And I’m drinking to forget

A Little Bit
I wanna, a little bit, just gotta, a little bit
I wanna, a little bit with you
All that you say is picture perfect
All I can pray is that you’re worth it
I wanna, a little bit with you
I wanna, when it’s cold outside
When I’m with you, time goes flying by
We’ll run away and build a place in Oregon
And there we’ll stay and laugh our cares away
I wanna, to the beat of the band
I wanna, in the palm of your hand

Just What You’ve Always Been
If I had taken you at your word or by the whisperings I’ve heard
I’d have disappeared long ago
But something made me turn around & now you’ve got me upside down
And we are just as happy as we can be, you and me
But you played me
And you forgave me all my sins, and you saved me
You made me, and you gave you my name
If I have just one life to live
And I have just one heart to give
Then we should be together all the days of our lives
And when our winter’s closing in
And our gray eyes begin to dim
You’ll be just what you’ve always been
The love of my life, You’ve been the love of my life…

BeBop Pillowtop
It smells like burnt coffee and stale cigarettes in here
Billie’s on the still turntable and there’s tinsel in my hair
And the wreck of last night’s memory patched together by the mess
Of glasses and spent bottles and a crumpled party dress
The birds are on their best behaviour, swooping in and out
Of trees that cause the light to flicker on the hardwood seams
Of a floor that I’ll be cleaning when I can bring myself around
With a snifter of the stuff that I keep hidden from the crowd
What I would give to be an afternoon drunk
Full of riddles and schemes and impossible dreams
Kettle boiled over and the kitchen’s full of smoke
and there’s chocolate to lick off the spoon
Got a stogie and half a bottle of wine, once I’m bitten twice I’m shy
shattered glass ground beneath a mudpie sky
curling up the corners of my parchment paper heart
And you could always play the hell outta that guitar
I scratch my back on the corner of the door
An old house ain’t level from the ceiling to the floor
I am shaking thirsty as a drunk at 10am
& your pillowtop keeps calling me home
When your shadow stretches my way
And the silhouette is long and lean
I’m shaking thirsty as a drunk, but dry as bones
& your pillowtop keeps on calling me home

Baby, Come Home
Baby, come home, I wanna make up
Every morning wake up to your smiling face by me
Baby come home, I tried without you
I couldn’t care about you more
And as the shades of night fall around me
and the awful state I’m in
I can’t help but think that the one thing missing is you
Baby go home, I’m through with fighting
There ain’t no righting the wrong that you’ve done to me
Leave me alone, there ain’t no savin’
the love you’ve taken for granted
Pick up the phone, I’ve got to tell you
How can I see you the notion I’ve changed
I’ll go it alone, take my chances
Your lovin’ potion is pain

I’ll tell you a story about once upon a girl
With Campari lips and Champagne curls
And I cut so deep I thought I’d split in two
She left me floating in a bottle of blues
I’ve fixed my hair, it’s nice today
I have high heeled boots and I have lingerie
And the fire’s jjust been kindled, it’s not going out soon
Gonna dial your number, gonna howl at the moon
Come on baby, don’t make a fool out of me
The way you’re walking just won’t let me be
And I hear her voice each time you call my name
Won’t you just go and let me drink down my pain
I’ll wear that dress you said you always liked
And I’ll pour a pair of something spiked
I’ll take the coffeemug and you can have the glass
But you’d better kisss you me soon
The night ain’t gonna last

Chuck Berry
Pretty baby, sure do love himself
Enough for all the women that he’s been keeping on his shelf
But I swear I never touched the man
And I’ve done everything to help him that a poor girl can
Pretty baby,  he must think he’s Jesus Christ
His loaves are empty promises and his fishes little lies
But I swear I never touched the man
And I’ve done everything to help him that a poor girl can
Pretty Baby, He’s too rich for my blood
Pretty girls with no strings all comin’ in a flood
But I swear I never touched the man
And I’ve done everything to help him that a poor girl can
Hot blooded man, got a temper for three
I never asked for nothing ‘cept to cut me free
“If he gets too close,
I’ll be gone like a cool breeze”

Reason I’m Here
That’s the reason I’m here, That’s the reason I’m here, that’s the reason I’ve stood by you all these years. That’s the reason I’m here, that’s the reason I’m here, that’s the reason I’ve stood by you all these many lovely years
Look at that loving somebody standing next to you
His smile should be enough to brighten up your blues
Friends & relations you carry through the years
See you through the hard times, the troubles and the tears
Think of all the troubles this wide world round
Think of all the moments of joy that you have found
Think of all your rights, think of all your wrongs
Think about your friend up here singing you this song
You look so pretty but you seem so sad
I wonder what could ever make you feel so bad
There is so much beauty in the things you do
And here’s the one thing I’ve got to say to you
The price of friendship can’t be meted out in gold
A true companion is warmth against the cold
A gentle ear to hear your darkest doubts
And restore your faith, that’s what it’s all about

All your whispers in the dark
Promises you’ll never keep
Saw you walking in the park
In some sleepless reverie
And you know she’ll never love you like me
But the easy lies you’re seeking, she speaks
All your whispers in the dark
Tell me things that cannot be
That the beating of a heart will never cease
And the words are ringing empty as me
There’s a fire in the sky
Light that’s growing by the moment
So it’s time to say goodbye
Before I realize  That you got everything you came for from me

Whiskey & Sin
Your glasses slip down your nose & my knees are gonna give
Run your fingers through your hair and i have to bite my lip
To keep my heart from boiling over & spilling on my shoes
and telling my awful truth
There is something tender in the way you kick off your boots
Fold your hands behind your head and sigh
And take all of me in, breathing whiskey and sin
At the end of yet another long day
you say you don’t know how you do it, you don’t know how you do it
don’t know how you do it to me
Well you rim my lips with sugar & you rim my eyes with stars
Your laugh is warm as summer & your trust is full of scars
Tonight your eyes are all packed up & your voice is put to rest
Seems it’s never been enough, my best
and i don’t know how you do it…
baby, i will bare my crooked teeth till you will only spare a grin
there’ll be a mouthful of love dripping down my chin
and in the deafening silence, you will begin
to show me how you do it to me

5 Points
5 Points point me back to where I met you
And you burn like scotch but you’re good going down
And the band is playing one of our tunes
I sure hope you don’t mind that I still use you for a muse
And this town’s been looking up wince you left her
But I hear the west coast’s nice, that the sun shines all the time
Once upon a time I thought the world of you
We’ve let bygones be bygones, so let’s start something new

Friendliest Room In Town
The bodies pile in and the kettle’s on the boil
Friendliest room in town starts with a smile from a boy
There’s an easy warmth on the evening breeze
Regretless bounding joy of a moment I could seize
And the box is playing Williams, not the second or the third
Tthe clock gave a sudden fright, poor hands afraid of heights
And someone’s going down tonight
I summon all my talents to balance on the fence
But my face feels like the inside of a shoe
I listen to the wind just looking for a word
But it’s been miles since the last I heard of you
Just then the floor began to shudder
and the walls began to tilt
And the smiling boy’s intentions are all riddled with guilt
And the box is playing Waits, so why should I hesitate
When I am burning from both ends & the hour is getting late & I’m going down tonight
Whiskey misted memories interrupt each other often
So I say let’s just let our bodies do the talkin’
Walking wounded, telling stories
Seeking glories to soften our woes
And the box became a siren, and the sky is getting light
And it’s time to say good night