Raise the Rent

Raise the Rent is a rotating cast of fantastic musicians who have lent their talents to both the live shows and recordings, almost all of them songwriters themselves, here are some of  their stories:

Jim Carpenter ~ Mentor, Master, Producer. Jim writes brilliant songs and fronts his own alt-country band, the Hoolios. He also runs his own recording studio at Loco Dare, where ‘Dig & Be Dug’ was produced.

Originally from coastal Virgina, Jim has toured extensively as a songwriter on the folk circuit, won numerous accolades and awards for his writing both of songs and fiction, and become a mainstay in the New England scene. He splits his time between CT and Nashville these days.

If you dig songwriters like John Hiatt, Mark Erelli, Lyle Lovett and those cats, you’ll love Jim. Check out his site at www.locodare.com

Sandy Allen ~ Virtuoso, Voice. Sandy has spent a lifetime on his craft. Besides being able to play anything you put in front of him, he has worked as a signed staff songwriter, toured all over the country with Free Beer, and licensed his music for film. He plays with Jim in the Hoolios as well as fronting his own original band Corina & the Wenchmen.

Sandy, who goes by “Sandman” for his laid back easy demeanor, is a masterful storyteller and has produced a solo album,  ‘Horses To Water’ and draws from the folk rock sounds of Van Morrison and Neil Young, as well as a bit of that Swing you hear in the signature Raise the Rent sound. You can check him out at www.sandmanmusic.net

Brad Bensko ~  Currently enrolled at Berklee for audio engineering and guitar, Brad fronts his own original band and is currently obsessed with Todd Rundgren.




Bob Burt ~ Bob plays with Johnny & The East Coast Rockers, the US Coast Guard Band, and instructs at Caruso School of Music and Fitch Marching Band. He’s a rock star. And a big Red Sox fan.





Eric Stevenson ~ Eric Stevenson has been playing piano since he was a small boy.  People tell him he hits it too hard.  He disagrees.

An incredible singer-songwriter and piano player, Eric is the front man for the indie boy/girl duo Pocket Vinyl with his beautiful and amazing wife Elizabeth. Go see them when they come to your town!





Matt Gouette ~ Also a singer-songwriter, Matt plays on his own and with the stoner rock band Burnouts From Outer Space.






Danny Motta ~ Danny’s been playing trumpet longer than nearly any of us have been alive! He was part of the phenomenal southern roots band Roomful of Blues, and we’re damn lucky to have him!




Craig Edwards ~ The master of American Roots Music himself. Craig records, teaches and tours playing old time, swing, zydeco, you name it! He plays accordion, fiddle, banjo, guitar, piano, bass, and well, pretty much anything with strings.


Jaime Duquette ~ Jaime is the bass player for local jazz quartet Call Before You Dig. He’s a huge fan of Roger Waters and plays the hell outta the upright bass.






Corina Malbaurn ~ Also a monster on the bass, Corina plays regularly with Preston Frantz’s Hellbent & Heartbreakin’, Sandy Allen, Recur Occurrence, and the MacLeans.



John Waynelovich ~ John plays full-time with Barefoot Truth, but he’s all over ‘Dig & Be Dug’. This picture says it all.







Thor Jensen ~ Frontman and guitar player for Incognito Sofa Love, Thor was the fella that this band began with. We are still lucky enough to have him sit in with us for shows here and there.


Our other players have included  Jason Banta, Sebastian Coppotelli and Phil Agins.