Elison Jackson & Daphne Lee Martin

The Telegraph Recording Company ~ you know the folks who brought you ‘Dig & Be Dug’ as well as Low Beam’s ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ and Jim Carpenter’s ‘The Dream’ ~ are back on it this summer with the sweet new EP from Elison Jackson, ‘I Do Believe She Flew Out the Drain Pipe‘, a strong follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2011 full-length debut ‘Spectral Evidence‘. But it gets even better for fans of Raise the Rent- not only does Daphne sing on this record, but Sam from Elison Jackson sings on our upcoming EP ‘Moxie’ as well. Take a listen:

Man From Lowell ~Elison Jackson by Telegraph Recording Co.

You can pre-order the record, and help us all put it out on vinyl at our kickstarter page- but do it soon, we only have 24 days left!!!

And if you dig what you hear, but want the live experience, Elison Jackson will be playing in New Haven with the Sadies at Cafe Nine on Thursday night!