Shoreline Blitz!

This Thursday June 21st, it all begins for another EPIC week of live music! I’ll be playing the storytelling acoustic stuff with my songwriting mentor and dear friend Jim Carpenter at noon on‘s new hit series Live Lunch Break. You can watch it right from your desk, so tune in!

Then, I pack it up with Matt Gouette, Paul Belbusti, Kevin Mackenzie & my sweet sangin’ pardner Sam Perduta and head down to Pitkin Plaza to take part in the wonderful madness of Ideat Village!

Then, you probably remember that fantastic songwriter from Providence that rocked out with us at our Record Release Party- Kris Hansen!  Well, he’s having a birthday bash at the Spot Underground in Providence and we’ll be there in full band force on the 22nd!

Then, the band storms Bridgeport! Sunday, June 24th we’ll be on Radio Golden on WPKN at 1pm for the Sunday Brunch Series. Then we head over to Two Boots for a matinee show at 4pm!

See you all this weekend! Love, Daphne Lee & Raise the Rent